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Dear Customers, 


we would like to explain to you our shipping timing and process. 

There are two options for shipping. The first option is with cargo (Yurtiçi Kargo) which is a convenient way to order when you don't have a rush and organize your timing. The second way is the same-day delivery (Istanbul Express).


Yurtici Cargo

  • Mon.-Fri. - Orders before 12:00 are shipped in the same business days.
  • Urgent orders before 15:00 will be shipped in the same business day.


Typical delivery times (All orders are shipped from Istanbul.):

  • Less than 600km from Istanbul usually delivered in the next business day, in some cases 48 hours.
  • Delivery address 600-1200 km from Istanbul are usually delivered in 2 business days but in some cases max 5 business days
  • For orders which must be delivered for the distance more than 1200km from Istanbul the delivery time is 3 business days but max 6 business days.


Istanbul Express

Delivery in all Istanbul, orders which are made during business days till 18:00 will be delivered in the same business day at evening between 18.00 - 24:00.


Urgent orders for Istanbul Express

Urgent orders are printed mostly in 30 min -2 h and delivery time around 60 min or less.


If the order is big it can require more time but in any case you will be informed and we will take your approval for delivery schedule.